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Energy Savings Calculator

Energy Savings Calculator

Tell us about your current energy usage below and we'll let you know how much you could save with our ArborElectrogen® biomass CHP solution


Imagine a renewable energy solution which can generate clean, low carbon heat and power from waste materials that you would otherwise pay to dispose of. Imagine if this same renewable energy technology would also qualify for the same renewable energy incentives which other technologies (which will normally pay for fuel) will receive. All of this is possible with Arbor Heat and Power’s TruEnergy gasification system, and at a scale which is applicable to single buildings or facilities as well as large scale district and regional energy projects.

Using a revolutionary new design, this Top Reduction Updraft (TRU) gasification system can accept wet materials (up to 70% moisture content) without pre-treatment, and can be scaled down as small as 50kWe, making it appropriate to small buildings and community developments.

Arbor Heat and Power is currently commercialising this technology and is developing projects which will operate with:

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