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Energy Savings Calculator

Energy Savings Calculator

Tell us about your current energy usage below and we'll let you know how much you could save with our ArborElectrogen® biomass CHP solution


ArborElectroGen® is a range of proven, advanced gasification, biomass-fuelled combined heat and power (CHP) systems that deliver cost-effective, low-carbon heat and power for a variety of applications. Now available in the UK and Ireland the ArborElectroGen® range offers exceptional operational performance, with incredibly-low carbon emissions.

Biomass fuel

Fuelled by ‘woody’ biomass, it is ideal for customers that have an on-site biomass resource - such as woodland, or easy access to a local feedstock. The feedstock creation follows a few simple steps by taking newly cut, ‘small round wood’ or similar, chipping to the required specification and drying to the correct moisture content. In the case of the larger ArborElectroGen® systems, the warm extract air from the plant space used in the gas cooling process can be used to dry the wood chips from typical seasoned moisture contents of 30-35% down to the required level. There is no requirement for long-term storage or chip screening.

Simple heat and power concept

The ArborElectroGen® system converts wood into a gas that fuels a Combined Heat and Power system (CHP). Producing an almost equal amount of heat and electricity, the system offers one of, if not the most cost-effective ways to meet the ever-more stringent carbon reduction demands of schemes like the Code for Sustainable Homes and BREEAM. This desirable heat to power ratio makes the technology far better suited to the matching of power and thermal demands of a building, facility or community network without dumping heat.

Whilst the bulk of the delivery of the UK’s built environment continues to focus on producing renewable heat to meet the demands of planning requirements, Arbor Heat and Power’s ArborElectroGen® targets renewable electricity – a commodity that, if supplied from the National Grid, emits around three times more carbon than the natural gas required to produce it.

The heat generated by the ArborElectroGen® would be used to provide on-site space heating and hot water, offsetting the need for traditional fossil fuel sources (e.g. natural gas, oil, LPG). Similarly, the generated electricity would be used to offset the need to import grid electricity - and at times when the electricity is not required it would be fed back into the grid.

ArborElectroGen® range

The ArborElectroGen® has several sizes of unit available:

  • ArborElectroGen® 30 - produces 30kW of electricity and 75kW of heat. Suitable for timber drying opportunities, small rural businesses and larger (rural) residential properties.
  • ArborElectroGen® 40 - produces 40kW of electricity and 93kW of heat. Suitable for timber drying opportunities, small rural businesses, small health centres and facilities, leisure centres and larger residential properties and country estates.
  • ArborElectroGen® 200 * - produces 200kW of electricity and 185kW of heat. Suitable for large leisure centres, small district hospitals, larger hotels and largest rural properties and estates.
  • ArborElectroGen® 400 * - produces 400kW of electricity and 360kW of heat. Suitable for larger hospital projects and university campuses.
  • ArborElectroGen® 800 * - produces 800kW of electricity and 702kW of heat. Suitable for larger district heating schemes (also in multiple), largest hospitals and university schemes.

* indicates Dual Fuel model (higher efficiency)

Clean and quiet process

The ArborElectroGen® system produces little or no visible smoke plume from its flue, virtually no particulates, virtually zero NOx, and CO2 emission levels that are 93% lower than that of an equivalent natural gas-fired CHP system. This is due to the process and temperature at which the gas is produced in the vessel – coupled with the fact that the gas is made up of approximately 50% combustible components – a fuel that produces water vapour and small quantities of carbon dioxide when combusted in the CHP system.

Proven technology

Whilst the manufacturers of many woodchip gasification systems have made bold claims about performance and return, these have failed to deliver in operation, the ArborElectroGen® system however, is a proven technology. It has been developed by one of the world’s leading experts in the field over the past 20 years and demonstrated at countless commercially-run sites throughout Europe and further afield on the American and Far East continents.

Not only proven on woody biomass, the system can consume other biomass materials such as sewage, fungi, compressed sawdust/straw briquettes, etc.

ArborElectroGen® - a sound economic case and investment

With a plentiful supply of low-carbon heating, hot water, electricity and, if required chilled water for air conditioning, the ArborElectroGen® system offers consumers low-cost energy with almost zero (approximately 4% of a grid-based system) carbon emissions.

As a truly renewable energy generation system, the ArborElectroGen® range qualifies for payments under both the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and Renewables Obligation Certificates (ROCs).

Fuel handling and management

Regardless of whether a site owner has a readily-available supply of feedstock, Arbor Heat and Power can provide a fully-comprehensive fuel handling and management service – ensuring the plant is operational round the clock. The fuel storage, handling and drying system is a fully integrated component of the ArborElectroGen® system.

Operation and maintenance

Remotely monitored from Arbour Heat and Power’s data processing centre, all systems are covered by a 24/7 call-out service that ensures the plant is available for operation round the clock. With its high level of reliability, resilience and redundancy (depending on installed capacity) the system can be available for continuous operation or up to 51 weeks per year – allowing a week for planned annual maintenance where single gasifiers are installed.

‘Off-the-peg’ solution

At Arbor Heat and Power, we don’t believe in reinventing the wheel every time we design a plant. We have a standardised layout that has been developed over a number of years, drawing on operational feedback from fully-commercialised sites. This not only ensures that the plant layout is optimised, but also removes unnecessary costs from the development and planning application process.

Feasibility and planning support

Arbor Heat and Power works with site owners every step of the way, from initial concept, through the planning approval process – ensuring that a project’s transition from drawing board to construction goes as smoothly as possible.

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