Energy Savings Calculator

Energy Savings Calculator

Tell us about your current energy usage below and we'll let you know how much you could save with our ArborElectrogen® biomass CHP solution

ArborElectroGen® renewable combined
heat and power solutions

Reducing energy costs and cutting carbon emissions while generating clean, renewable electricity, heating and hot water.

Arbor Heat and Power’s core areas of expertise spans low-carbon design, renewable energy supply solutions and building physics. Our energy consultants and specialist renewable-energy engineers can guide you seamlessly through the planning, implementation and operation of renewable energy infrastructure to deliver proven and cost-effective, clean heat and power solutions for your organisation.

To read more about how Arbor Heat and Power’s range of biomass combined heat and power (biomass CHP) systems can deliver clean and renewable energy for your industry sector, and deliver a return on your investment, please click on the industry links below.

  1. Forestry


    Arbor Heat and Power can help you to maximise the value of your timber resources, by offering wood and woodchip fuel drying concepts which increase the value of timber and timber products whilst generating additional revenue.

  2. Rural estates

    Rural estates

    Access to local renewable energy sources such as biomass together with spiralling rural energy costs creates a compelling case for renewable energy investment in the rural estates sector.

  3. Rural hotels & spas

    Rural hotels & spas

    Hotels and rural leisure complexes combine energy intensive activities with high energy costs making them ideal candidates for onsite renewable energy generation.

  4. Local councils

    Local councils

    Local authorities are under intense pressure to reduce operating costs whilst at the same time become the catalyst for change on energy and carbon issues across their constituents.

  5. Education


    Arbor Heat and Power is working with local authorities and contractors as part of Private Finance Initiatives (PFI) set up to design, build and operate schools and other educational establishments throughout the country.

  6. Sports & leisure

    Sports & leisure

    Leisure facilities are amongst the largest consumers of heating energy across all building types. The energy profile of a leisure centre brings unique and significant opportunities in the on-site generation of heat and power through combined heat and power (CHP) systems.

  7. Hospitals


    The UK’s network of healthcare facilities are some of the most energy and carbon intensive buildings currently in use, owing to their complex processes and 24/7 operation. The health sector is also under immense pressure to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions.

  8. Special projects

    Special projects

    Arbor Heat and Power has a wide-ranging experience of all industry sectors, whether it is for public or private sector clients.

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